The Kunene Regional Council


The Directorate is responsible for regional planning and development services, coordinating plan preparation; project and programme management as well as evaluating performance of projects. Furthermore, the Directorate is also responsible for the overall planning framework and assisting with the evaluation of regional planning activities. The Directorate is charged with the principles of participative regional development planning thus striving to give people a say in the development decisions that may affect them, and ensuring that development interventions are appropriate to the needs and preferences of the population that they are intended to benefit. The Directorate of Planning and Development Services comprises of the Director: Ms. L.H. Doeses, Deputy-Director: Planning, Mr. K.M. Sinvula, Deputy-Director: Rural Services, (Vacant), and Deputy Director: Technical Services, (Vacant) plus their staff.


Core Functions:

  • Establish the link between regional development plans and National Development Plans (Vision 2030, NDP’s)
  • Advise on the economic development of the region in relation to national economic policies and strategies
  • Provide guidance, support and monitor regional planning and development exercises and processes within the regional council
  • Enhance, strengthen and consolidate regional partnerships
  • Support the design and implementation of relevant Public Participation mechanisms and approaches for involving citizens in regional public affairs
  • Provide planning expertise and guidance to develop coordinating committees in the region
  • Ensure projects identified and submitted for RDCC consideration are in line with agreed formats
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Management and development of Settlement Areas
  • Infrastructure planning, development and coordination
  • Regional economic, sectoral, environmental, Spatial and land-use planning and management
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation of regional projects, programmes and capital projects
  • Ensure implementation of an affordable housing provision especially of the low-income individuals and groups (Shack-dwellers Federation, DBTP & Mass Housing)
  • Implementation of delegated functions such as HIV/AIDS programme in the Region.


Core Functions:

  • Ensure sustainable supply of safe water to rural communities in line with the relevant CBM aspect of the Water Supply and Sanitation Policy and the regional development plan
  • Ensure fair distribution of communal land in line with the policy on Lands Resettlement and Rehabilitation
  • Ensure balance between Regional Development and the maintenance of forestry and conservation
  • Coordinate delegated functions such as Drought Relief Programme


Core Functions:

  • Establishing regional technical policies, standards and guidelines on the provision of new infrastructure and maintenance of existing infrastructure in line with national policies, standards and guidelines.
  • Executing, facilitating and guiding planning, design, contract administration and inspection services for new infrastructure in the region
  • Executing, facilitating and guiding planning, design, contract administration and inspection services for maintaining and executing minor renovations to existing infrastructure in the region
  • Providing, coordinating and advising on engineering and architectural inputs needed for the planning design of technical infrastructure
  • Facilitating the receipt of delegated functions

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